Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why I'm *Really* Blogging - Post Xmas Blogging Hangover

So I started this blog a few days ago, right before xmas.   I admit that at the time I wrote my first post, I had no idea where I was going with this blog.  The title of the blog feels temporary, I'm not too invested in any particular template, and my style feels like it's all over the place.   But I've had some time to think on why I've really started the blog after that first optimistic post and I'm beginning to get a clearer picture.  Don't get me wrong, the picture is still caked in dirt and vaseline, but at least I can start making out a few shapes and forms.

I mentioned in my first post that perhaps one of the reasons I was starting this experiment is because I feel like I've got some knowledge to share.   Like many most blogs out there, I'm another nerd who has a handful of side projects and interests.  For a while now, I've gotten personal joy just from what I've learned.  But I've geeked out in isolation enough and I think it would be fun and perhaps more educational to start sharing.

So it's my plan to start posting updates on some of the stuff I'm working on.   I'm planning for my next post to be about my Total Control Lighting project.  Gulp.