Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brag & Blush - ToyTalk in the New York Times

So far in my blog posts, I've been sheepish about bringing up ToyTalk, my post-Pixar company.  I was in that weird place where I didn't know how to use "we",  after using it for so long to refer to Pixar and before I felt I earned the right to use it for ToyTalk.   I'm now about 1.5 months into the job and it's remarkable how fast I've come to feel a part of the family.  I admit that all of the great stuff that's happened over the past few weeks has come from a lot of hard work before me, but I'm feeling ready to try out "we" and gush over my teams recent win.

We were recently mentioned in a New York Times article as being on the cutting edge of developing how kids play with their devices.   Kudos to our team and especially to our Head of Communications - Christine Schirmer.  Now there's still a lot of work ahead and I'm excited to be a part of it, but it's nice to take a moment to tally one for the good guys.

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